Stack Overflow : Are You Using This Tool Correctly?

Stack Overflow : Are You Using This Tool Correctly?

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Stack overflow :

We Developers love ❤️ stack overflow.

Life as a developer would have been hard without it. i know it has saved you many times as it has saved me over the years. But, be a bit careful while using the solutions from stack overflow directly.

Take the following points into consideration while using solutions from it.


  • The time when the question was answered.

Being in tech, things change at a drastic rate. the time when the question was answered is very important because the solution might have been the best back in i.e. 2016 according to the tech stack at that time.

But maybe in 2021 or 2022 , a better solution could exist with improvement in the tech stack and new versions . the solution 2016 and 2021 or 2022 could be significantly different.

  • Accepted answers are not always the best ones.

Don't think that the accepted answer is the best one. No, it does work that way. Maybe, the unaccepted answer could be more good and optimal. This could happen because the better answer was posted after accepted answer.

So, the next time you are on stackoverflow, don't just copy the accepted answers. Spend time scrolling through all the answers.

  • Some comments are Gold.

Some comments just below the answers tell you more than the answer itself . it could be right from correcting the answer to pointing out why we should not use it. Sometimes, the comments explain the code better than the original author. Look out for such comments, they are life saving.

  • Do not downvote, if you did not understand the answer.

Don't just downvote someone because a lot of other people have. it's very easy to put someone down. only downvote if you understand the shortcomings of the code or if you know the potential side effects it could have.

  • Be responsible while answering.

Don't blindly answer questions! you need to be responsible enough to tell the good points or bad points, better points and justify why you are giving this as an answer.

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