The Most Powerful Skill Every Developer Must Have

The Most Powerful Skill Every Developer Must Have

The skill here is not any regular development skill that we developers need.

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Hello Folks,

This skill is called Persistence.

It is one of the most important skill to have as an developer along with thousands of skills.


There are days were things just do not work out. spending hours and hours do not help getting out of badly stuck situation, a bug a bug that just won't go easily, a feature that does not work as expected, etc.

There are days were stackoverflow does not seems to help us and our browser looks like this :

Screenshot from 2022-04-11 16-18-38.png

Yes, it is very much frustrating. But having such days, is part of our job. the best we can do is being Patient and keep on trying.

This skill will help us coming out in almost every bad situation.

We must having a "die-trying" attitude.

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