Why Developers Should Not Fear Change.

Why Developers Should Not Fear Change.

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Hello Beautiful World,

Being in the tech, things change at drastic rate for us as compared to some other fields which update slowly.The human mindset is not always ready to go outside the comfort zone, it always fears change.

Today, I will be sharing a few points that will give you a new way to look at changes and be more open and welcoming towards them.


Firstly, why do you think changes are made? what's the root cause?

The answer is pretty simple and straight forward, to make things more easy to implement, to make the process less teadious and improve your efficiency as a developer.

Simply to justify the point made above, suppose you had to write 100 lines of code to implement a feature 5 year ago knew this and they understand how teadious this process could become. So instead, they worked on it and updated the things so, now after update, you need to write only 55 to 60 lines of code to do the same task.

So, you see the biggest beneficiaries of updatations to a language, framework, libraries, etc are we developers.

To cut it short , changes are important to make the process easy.


So, why should we developers fear those? we should be more welcoming towards them accept the simple fact that are for our good.

I understand that it's not that simple to get out of comfort zone and accept changes easily. But maybe, after reading this blog, you will look towards changes from a different perspective and understand the importance of it.

And remember, change is the only constant.

Thanks for reading this blog.

Keep writing amazing code.

Happy Hacking!

Happy Coding!

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